1. The “Moon Song” performed at the Oscars. I loved this piece from the movie “Her”. A must watch :)


  2. "When nothing is sure, everything is possible."

    Margaret Drabble


  3. Sanity.

  4. My little girl, Breezy.


  5. Don’t know what to listen to? Let this be it.


  6. "If ignorance was water we’d all be drowning."
    — Unknown 
  7. The only regret is not starting earlier. 

  8. This lady, I miss dearly.

  9. Pardon my lengthy hiatus. I got an adorable puppy, Breezy (two from the right) :)

  10. @hekeepsmeskinny @guuji are the greatest bakers. Thanks so very much for this. Much love.

  11. Some photos (unfortunately 10 maximum) of our trip to Chicago with my lady and to celebrate my sister getting her new job!

  12. Picked up some macarons today.

  13. One more week till everyday can be like this day.

  14. I miss you, New York.

  15. I use to always have this dish, known in Chinese as Leng Mian, during the summer time in China. However, little did I know that it is a Korean dish that they call Naengmyeon. It makes perfect sense since that area where my family grew up was near the border of North Korea (Harbin/Mudanjiang) 

    Favorite dish.